1. abode, domicile, domicil, dwelling, dwelling place, dwelling home, residence, residency, habitation, inhabitancy, Scot, and North Eng. bigging, Scot. howff; lodging, lodgings, lodging place, lodgement or lodgment, nest, roost, perch; quarters, living quarters, rooms, accommodations, housing, roof over one's head, Inf. pad, Inf. crash pad, Chiefly Brit. Inf. diggings, Brit. Inf.digs; apartment, flat, tenement, walk-up, cold-water flat, Brit. chambers, Chiefly Brit. maisonette; penthouse, townhouse, condominium, Sl. condo; mobile home, motor home, camper, trailer; address, location, situation, whereabouts, place.
2. mansion, palace, palatial or stately dwelling or residence, Fr. hotel, It. palazzo. villa, chSteau, castle, Chiefly Brit. hall, Brit. court, Archit. folly, Sl. spread; manor, manor house, manor seat, estate, country estate, country home, country seat, country house, house and grounds, house and lot, Brit. Dial. toft, demesne, Law. messuage; farm, farmstead, farmplace, Archaic. farmhold, Brit. farmery, grange, Brit. croft, Brit. homecroft, Scot, and North Eng. steading; ranch, rancho, rancheria, hacienda; plantation.
3. cottage, cot, bungalow, bower, cabin, log cabin, blockhouse, Brit. Dial. cote, Scot. but-and-ben; hut, hutch, shed, shack, shanty, bothy; hovel, hole, hole in the ground, dump, garbage heap, sty, pigsty, pigpen, tumbledown shack, wretched hut, mean dwelling, miserable quarters.
4. hearth, hearthstone, hearth and home, hearthside, fireside, fireplace, chimney corner, Brit. Dial. ingle, Brit. Dial. ingleside, Chiefly Brit. inglenook or ingle nook; homestead, household, family, family circle, domestic circle, bosom of one's family, seat of one's affections, home sweet home, Inf. place where one's heart is, Inf. place where one hangs his hat.
5. shelter, retreat, refuge, haven, hospice, hermitage, sanctum, sanctum sanctorum, port in a storm, Scot. bield; almshouse, poorhouse, charitable institution, eleemosynary institution, shelter for the homeless or afflicted, orphanage; hospital, state hospital, clinic, sanitorium, sanitarium, asylum, institution, lazaretto, Fr. hotel Dieu; insane asylum, lunatic asylum, mental institution, mental hospital, madhouse, bedlam, Fr. maison de sante, Derog. Sl. nuthouse, Derog. Sl. crazyhouse, Derog. Sl. bughouse, Derog. Sl. booby hatch, Derog. Sl. funny farm, Derog. Sl. loony bin; rest home, retirement home, nursing home, convalescent home, old-age home.
6. habitat, natural habitat, environment, native or natural environment, element, natural element, home-ground, Inf. stomping or stamping ground, Inf. home front; territory, ground, zone, range, sphere, domain, realm; area, vicinity, region, locale, locality.
7. mew, cover, covert, coverture, hideout, hiding place, hideaway, sanctuary; nest, lair, den, hole, cave, burrow; spot, place, haunt, rendezvous, meeting place or spot, Inf. hang-out, Inf. watering hole, Chiefly Brit. local.
8. birthplace, homeplace, hometown, Obs. home-stall; village, hamlet, township, town, city; land, homeland, fatherland, motherland, native land, country, native country, native soil.
9. destination, goal, bourn; terminus, terminal point, finish, end, journey's end, end of the road, end of the line, last stop; grave, cemetery, eternal home or resting place; heaven, paradise, Teutonic Myth.Valhalla, Buddhism, (often cap.) nirvana, nibbana, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism. moksha, mutki.
10.Baseball. homeplate, the plate, homebase.
11. at home
a. in, present, available.b. used to, familiar with, in one's own or proper element, on home territory or ground, in smooth water; cool, poised, composed, relaxed, easy, at ease, unexcited, unruffled, unperturbed, undisturbed, untroubled, unvexed, unplagued, unmolested; serene, sedate, placid, tranquil, quiet, peaceful, at peace, complacent, unexcitable, imperturbable.c. proficient, able, capable, competent, good at, qualified, endowed; skillful, skilled, dexterous, adept, adroit, deft, sure; expert, masterful, masterly; well-informed, well-versed, well-briefed, well-read, current, up on, in the know, Inf. in on, Sl. hip, Brit. Sl. suss.
12. domestic, domiciliary, internal, interior; native, natural, natal, vernacular, indigenous, aboriginal, autochthonous, autochthonal, autochthonic; homegrown, home-raised, homebred, homemade, home-born, native grown; familiar, acclimated, accustomed, one's own; established, rooted, fixed, ingrained.
13. direct, to the point, close, effective, piercing, penetrating, home-reaching, deep-felt, poignant, intimate; deep, profound, pregnant, highly significant; neat, clear, summary, terse, curt, acute, keen, emphatic, decided, pointed; caustic, astringent, trench- ant, incisive, sharp, stinging, biting, cutting, barbed, razor-edged, knife-edged; rough, harsh, severe.
14. homeward, homewards, homeward bound, to or toward or at one's home or abode; indoors, within doors, in the house, inside, in.
15. deep, to the heart, to the core or innermost core, to the quick, to the mark, to the heart, to the vital center or seat, to the innermost feeling or sensibility, Inf. where it hurts, Inf. in the breadbasket, Inf. right here.
16. effectively, with telling effect, decidedly, completely, entirely; deeply, profoundly, indelibly; closely, directly, neatly, clearly; summarily, curtly, tersely, acutely, keenly, emphatically, pointedly; caustically, astringently, trenchantly, incisively, sharply, stinging-ly, cuttingly, bitingly, with a vengeance, with force; roughly, harshly, severely.
17. bring home to
a. emphasize, lay emphasis on, give emphasis to, stress, lay stress on; feature, accent, accentuate, underscore, underline, highlight; press home, drive home, hammer away, pound away, harp on.b. clarify, make clear, clear up, shed light on, make manifest, manifest, illuminate, elucidate, make plain, make explicit; expose, lay open, bring to light, unfold, unmask, unveil.
18. write home about
Informal. note, make note of, take note of, speak of, tell of, talk about, carry on about, go on about, rave or rave on about; mention, report, describe, tell, state, remark, remark on, comment on, pass comment on.
19. live, live at, reside, reside at, abide, Archaic. bide, dwell, tenant, stay, stay at, remain, sojourn.
20. domicile, domicil, domiciliate, establish oneself, take up residence, take up one's abode, make one's home, inhabit, occupy, settle, locate, ensconce, Inf. hang up one's hat; take or strike root, plant oneself, anchor, come to anchor, drop anchor, moor; nest, nestle, roost, perch, squat, burrow, hive.
21. house, shelter, give shelter to, lodge, provide with lodging or lodgings or lodgement, put up, take in, roof, provide with a roof; quarter, provide quarters for, billet, bed, bunk, berth, have as a guest or lodger.
22. direct, guide, steer, maneuver, navigate, head, lead, pilot; fix, fix on, set, determine, sight, sight on, home in, home in on, zero in on, pinpoint, position, place, situate, locate; aim, aim at, level, level at, point, point at or to, train, train at, train or turn upon.

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